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Improve Your English
Gain Confidence

English as a Second Language (ESL)



Want to practice speaking English in a safe space?


Do you get nervous and insecure when speaking English in front of other people?


Practical advice and exercises that will help you to improve your language skills and boost your confidence, when speaking English.

Study English
as a Second Language,
from Beginner to Advanced 

Classes :

  • ONLINE one-on-one ESL lesson

  • SKYPE, Phone or Google Hangouts available

  • FREE Consultation, to discuss your individual needs

Let's Talk: 
Accent, Rhythm, Vocabulary, Idioms and Grammar

Conversation Lab


Language is crucial to human interaction. 


Our Conversation Lab 

offers students practical ways to improve:

  • pronunciation & accent

  • fluency & confidence

  • American idioms 

  • vocabulary & usage

  • grammar rules & usage

How to Communicate

ESL Business English


Having confidence and competence when speaking English puts you on a competitive level to thrive in the global economy.


Study materials specific to your business or field of interest, enable you to be most empowered and effective, in reaching your goals, both personally and professionally.



Whatever your DREAMS & GOALS are,

improving your English will help. 

Start TODAY!

Contact me for a free Consultation



Improve & empower your COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

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