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Learn English with Laura

Laura Martorella founded ESL Language Coach to empower her students to achieve their life goals, while learning English. Laura started teaching English as a Second Language over 20 years ago in Beijing, China. With ESL Language Coach, she brings all of her personal and professional experiences to the classroom and to her teaching style.
She has worked in a variety of industries, including art, education, finance, film and media. She has taught English privately, at schools, and at universities, in China, Japan and the US, to students of all ages and levels, from many professions and various countries. She is attuned to the nuances of distinct pronunciation and grammar challenges, for each nationality, and sensitive to every individual student's style of learning.
While Laura is American and a native English speaker, her language skills also include advanced Mandarin Chinese, beginner Japanese and beginner French, although she only speaks English in the classroom.
Laura received her CELTA certification from Cambridge University in 2011. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colby College, with a double major in East Asian Studies & Government, and a Concentration in Mandarin Chinese. She has studied, taught and worked in China, Japan, France and the US. She has been a Sundance Award Winning documentary film Producer, had art shows in NYC, Cologne and LA, edited and adapted a now published financial book, and worked at prominent international financial houses such as Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, State Street and Soros.


Throughout her career, both personally and professionally she has been involved with multiple non-profits including Asia Society Southern California, LACMA, RAND, CalTech, JPL, Annenberg School of Communication, The Getty Foundation, Los Angeles Universal Preschool, United Way Tocqueville Society, Huntington Library, Parkinson's Unity Walk, Special Olympics, and the Ronald McDonald House.
With a passion for quickly generating relevant, new and interesting curriculum and materials, specifically tailor-made for each students learning style and goals, Laura founded ESL Language Coach. Her mission is to empower her students, coaching them how to most effectively study English, to reach their life goals. 

Learning with Laura is engaging, rewarding and fun!
She will ignite your passion for studying English,
by empowering you to live your Life's Purpose.


"I had an event that I was going to be attending in one month.  I needed to gain confidence in speaking with new people. Having a one month intensive course with Laura empowered me to write effective email correspondence and speak confidently, which quickly enabled me to achieve my goals."


~DACIL, art gallery owner


I am an engineer who immigrated from China. I have been with the same company for more than 6 years. When I considered to make the next move in my career, I realized that I almost forgot how to write a resume and how to do an interview. I felt less confident in my language and answers, particularly during phone interviews. Laura helped me to improve my pronunciation/rhythm/tone, sharpen my sense of interaction and environment, and rebuild my thinking process when formulating answers. I took on the most challenging interviews from Apple and Tesla first. More than that, I began to explore career options beyond engineering. Her class, which was specially customized for me, leads me to take a new look at my career and my life. Laura drives me to continuously search for the best life in my mind and the next opportunities I want to explore and take.

~DONG, Engineer Professional, California

“I like the way you take care of your students. You never let them fail, because you are there for them, to help.  Anytime.

Also, your communication skills are really great. Thus, lessons with you are more productive than usual ones.”

~TOLGA, University Student, Turkey

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